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Insurance Triple Play: Three Recommendations For Companies recently talked to Michael J. Faul Jr. a shareholder in the Warren, New Jersey, law firm of Herold Law, P.A.

Mr. Faul concentrates his practice in the areas of complex commercial litigation, insurance coverage disputes, minority shareholder disputes, corporate fraud, and environmental litigation.

Here are the three things Mr. Faul recommends that companies should focus on regarding insurance:

Recommendation No. 1 – FOCUS

Focus on maximizing reclaimed amounts that are recovered under many lines of insurance, including D&O, E&O, public officials and employment liability, fiduciary liability, commercial, property and casualty, fire, theft and premises liability.

Redommendation No. 2 – SEEK

Seek counsel on all phases of complex insurance claims. Insurance coverage is a highly specialized area of the law and only experienced insurance counsel can navigate and expedite the recovery of insurance proceeds. Often, companies unduly rely on their brokers only to find out later on that the broker may be responsible for the lack of coverage or delay in recovering insurance proceeds.

Recommendation No. 3 – LEARN

Learn if corporations, officers, directors or individuals that are subject to government investigations have insurance coverage to defray the costs associated with the defense of such costly investigations.  Financial institutions, health care and financial sectors, financial service companies, insurance companies, security and commodity brokers and dealers, retail apparel companies, construction, waste management and a variety of other industry wide companies which may be regulated by federal, state and local agencies including state attorney general’s offices can be the subject of such investigations.


Source: NJBiz

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